There are many variables to consider when setting fees for milling services, especially when milling at a clients location. There is no routine job, so fees are tailored to your specific situation, an ‘Ala carte’ fee structure. During our site visit we would be glad to measure your logs, estimate footage, and explain which fees will apply. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. No deposit is required but payment is expected when services are rendered. If you require invoicing, or have any questions, please let us know.


Mobile Setup Fee – $50.00 +Travel Mileage at $3.00 per mile, one way, measured on google maps from the intersection of Hwy 200 and Sunnyside Rd.

A Mobile Setup Fee applies to the first day that we mill at your site.



Basic Rate: 30 cents per board foot or $75/hr, whichever is LESS.


Short logs (less than 8′) and smaller diameter logs (less than 10” at the small end), require extra time to load, clamp, and turn- yielding relatively few board feet for the time involved. Those logs may be charged by the hour rather than by the board foot. Hourly rates may also be applied to specialty milling projects like mantles, beams, cookies, and re-sawing.


Striking a metal object in the Log – $15.00-$25.00 per instance

The band-saw blade is designed for cutting wood only. Cutting into hard objects such as metal (nails, fencing, etc.), rocks or other objects will damage the blade. Striking smaller objects may only require a re-sharpening of the blade at a fee of $15.00 per instance. Striking more substantial objects may break the blade or shear the teeth from the blade. In these cases, there is a fee of up to $25.00 depending on the service life of the blade. It is not unusual for lower logs from trees around residences or fences to contain metal. If you suspect metal in a log, please let us know. Unless you have lots of logs to choose from, I wouldn’t scrap a log due to a potential for metal. Would you pass on several hundred dollars worth of lumber because it might cost $15 more to mill it?

Additional Services

  • We can provide stickers for clients who need them. Sold in bundles of 25, 3′ stickers are $15 per bundle, and 4′ stickers are $18 per bundle. One week advanced notice is required please.  
  • We also provide custom planing and edging services. Our planer accepts lumber with a maximum width of 13”. Lumber must be dry and free of objects and metal like nails or staples. Planing and edging services are $60.00 per hour with a $25.00 minimum.  That works out to about 4 cents per linear foot – per pass


Products, such as  stickers, are subject to Idaho Sales Tax at the prevailing rates.